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Posted By Jedd Zetzer  
20:00 PM

In this weeks edition of Aussies Only, hosts Jedd Zetzer and Jake Eames sat down for an extended chat with David Barclay, a man who's had a journey worth listening to.

David Barclay, current world #1856 has had a unique career, spanning over 15 years, predominantly on the ITF pro circuit.

"I've been playing futures for a long time. Maybe my ranking doesn't reflect for how long I've been playing, but I just enjoy trying to get better as a person and a player. I'd still love to get my ranking much much higher," Barclay said.

David's father Vince opened the Barclay Tennis Academy, one of the top academy's in the country, where the likes of Tony Roche, Lleyton Hewitt, Darren Cahill, Jordan Thompson all visit regularly.

"I'm just here at my dads academy. I've always been coaching and playing at the same time, just doing whatever I can to be a better player, but that will help me as a coach in the future as well," Barclay said.

In this episode of Aussies Only, David delves deep into why he loves tennis and continues to play the game. He tells us some of the best and worst places he's visited on the tour and talks about the life experiences he's gained along the way.

This edition of the show is unlike any of our previous editions, as we speak to a player on the other end of the spectrum, with a career high singles ranking of 1520, achieved last year. As he nears the age of 30, David firmly believes his best tennis is still ahead of him, and we have reason to believe he's right.

Listen in to the show below!