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Posted By Jedd Zetzer  
16:00 PM

Nick Kyrgios has suffered a humiliating first round defeat on day one of the US Open, going down to No. 18 seed Roberto Bautista Agut 3-6, 4-6, 0-6 in one hour and 48 minutes. 

As we could've predicted, it didn't take long for the Aussie to get fired up out on Louis Armstrong Stadium, as he took aim at "bogans" in his box for being "the only ones in here wearing masks".

But that wasn't the Aussie's biggest complaint. He then took aim at the positioning of the towels inside the spacious Louis Armstrong Stadium, complaining that he needed to walk "too many steps" to get to his towel as he sweated profusely in what were incredibly hot and humid conditions in New York on Monday night.

Due to covid 19, ball people are now no longer required to hand players their towels. It is now up to the players to get it themselves, which spurred Kyrgios on to have a go at chair umpire Carlos Bernardes, after he received a code violation for taking too long between points and taking longer the designated time on the shot clock. 

"So I have to walk back to the box to wipe my arms because I'm sweating, and I get a time violation, but someone can go to the bathroom for 20 minutes and it's OK? Explain it to me. It doesn't make any f****** sense," Kyrgios said to Bernardes.

"My job is to come out here and play, for the people. Not to walk back and forth to my towel. It's not my job. It's b*******.

"It's my towel. I should be able to put it wherever I like on the court, really," Kyrgios explained. 

Bernardes reminded Kyrgios that "it's part of the game", and that lead to another rant from the Aussie.

"It's not part of the game," Kyrgios said.

"So texting someone's part of the game, too? Taking 20-minute bathroom breaks is part of the game?"

"That's part of the game. Everything's part of the game. I need to take a s***. Ah, part of the game. It's f****** stupid," Kyrgios sarcastically said. 

Whilst Kyrgios was becoming increasingly frustrated, his level of tennis slowly but surely dropped off. 

The 26 year old was within reach of Bautista Agut in the first set, only dropping his serve once, in what was a tight set, but as the match went on, it became pretty clear that Kyrgios wasn't going to win. His head wasn't in the game. 

If you had to pick one player on the tour who would be suited to late night tennis at the US Open, you'd probably pick Kyrgios to be up for the spectacle, but he wasn't, and he voiced his displeasure at "playing at f****** midnight".

Kyrgios rarely gets smashed at a major, but it wasn't his night at Flushing Meadows, as he slumped to record his worst loss in his career at a major, winning just seven games - the fewest games he's won in a slam match. 

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