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Posted By Jedd Zetzer  
23:00 PM

Australian tennis coach Bob Brett has passed away on Tuesday morning due to cancer aged 67. The Australian worked with Grand Slam champions such as Johan Kriek, Boris Becker, Goran Ivanisevic and Marin Cilic, as well as many national associations, and was a friendly mentor to hundreds of coaches globally. In November 2020, he was unanimously selected by his peers as the recipient of the Tim Gullikson Career Coach Award. 

Asked about his coaching style in 2008, Brett explained he closely adhered to Harry Hopman’s coaching philosophy in a 46-year career: “I benefitted from my exposure to Hopman. I didn’t copy him, but a lot rubbed off on me. Work and repetition is the key in a player-coach partnership. A player must be mentally tough, with the ability to execute under pressure. It’s always a battle of their character against the other player’s character. You can guide then, provide them with examples and talk about history, but in the end you need to bring out the qualities a player has. Also, you must have an all-seeing eye for detail.”

The First Serve host Brett Phillips and high performance coach Marc Sophoulis had the pleasure of being joined by Bob Brett in the studio for a special edition of The First Serve in 2018. Listen below.