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Posted By Jedd Zetzer  
19:00 PM

Australian Sam Stosur spoke to The First Serve host Brett Phillips on SEN on Wednesday, declaring she is fit and firing and is "not by any means ready to call it after this summer of tennis."

The 36 year old, who sits at 112 in the singles rankings has not put a date on her retirement, stating that while she's fit to compete, she will. 

"I haven’t put a date on it or when the last match I play will be. I want to keep going while it's possible, while I can, while I enjoy it and while I feel like I can still be competitive, so I don’t know when that’s going to be. I mean this year's still going to be really challenging as far as travel goes for all the Aussies, obviously given our situation with travel and quarantine. I feel like a lot of us are going to have to make the call. Once we leave, we don’t come back for many many months, that’s not really a position I’m willing to put myself in right now, given what I’ve got at home. So I'm still a little bit up in the air with what my year's going to look like, but I’m not by any means ready to call it after this summer of tennis, by any means," Stosur said.

The Australian provided her opinion on the current state of affairs in Melbourne: 

"Everything is very different to how all of us would normally be preparing for the Aussie Open, but obviously all the Aussies are free to move around, everyone who played overseas late last year, they’ve all returned now and gone through the two weeks quarantine like every other returned traveller.

Most of them are now down here in Melbourne. We’ve got our own little training facility so that’s been great, doing what we need to do and looking forward to getting back into Melbourne Park once the quarantine's all finished and that’ll be I guess the day before the tournament is due to start," Stosur explained.

Stosur commented on the state of the WTA tour and the young players emerging in the top 100.

"I mean it’s certainly getting tougher and tougher and like you said there’s so many good players now and they’re young and fearless and they don’t really care what you’ve done in your career - they’re out there to win and do what they need to do. It's certainly not easy but I still want to try and put myself in that position while I can. There’s certainly been more challenging moments as far as that goes in the last couple of years, but I feel like while I’ve been able to train and do what I’ve been able to do at least these last couple of months, it gives you that extra little bit of motivation to try and keep going as long as you can. Because I know once I’m done I’m done forever. So if there’s one more chance to play one more event and you feel like you can do it, I certainly want to take that opportunity while I can," Stosur stated.

The doubles world no.33 became a mother in 2020 and described the joys of motherhood:

"Well it certainly is the best thing ever. I feel really lucky in some ways that I was able to be home most of last year. I was home for the birth of Genevieve and was able to spend all of her life so far every day with her. That is certainly something that I was not expecting to be able to do.

I’m absolutely loving it. I really stepped away from tennis for a good nine, ten weeks when she was born and started getting back into it. I guess I’ve had a long pre season like everyone else who wasn’t playing, but it's been great for me to slowly and gradually build back into playing and training and doing all that, because I’ve had so much time. It's certainly not without its challenges as anyone with a child knows, but you certainly take all the bad times, just even seeing that little smile in the morning, so I’m absolutely loving it, but some days are more tiring than others," Stosur said. 

Listen in to the full interview on your preferred podcast platform below.