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Posted By Peter Bonadio  
22:00 PM

Ash Barty’s coach Craig Tyzzer has cast doubt over the world number one’s appearance at the WTA Finals this year due to the “ridiculous” conditions as well as the type of balls being used. 

The event will take place in Guadalajara, Mexico this year, 1500 meters above sea level. Conditions that the players would not experience very often. Although, the city hosted a WTA250 event in March this year.   

As well as this Tyzzer has noted that the balls being used are pressure-less, meaning they will fly and if played in normal conditions would hardly bounce up.  

“I mean, it’s not the greatest advertisement for the best girls in the world to be playing something they have never done before, 

“As a spectacle, it is just frightening,” Tyzzer told the AAP.

The top 8 players in the world will need to work out if this is good preparation heading into the off-season and Australian Open. 

Barty will probably be back on the court at the WTA 1000 event at Indian Wells, starting October 7th before likely heading home to Australia.  

The timing of the WTA Finals will make It difficult for the Australian. Heading back to Mexico after her stint at home will mean she will need to do another two weeks quarantine. All up a month, which will not be ideal for her training schedule.        

Tyzzer believing it may affect Barty’s preparation and lead up to the Australian summer. 

“Your summer is kind of ruined,” Tyzzer told the AAP.

This may push back her training schedule for the Australian Open with the WTA finals event ending on November 15th, meaning Barty will likely be out of quarantine the first week of December.  

The Australian has a big enough rankings lead to ensure she will be the season-ending world number one even if she does not head to Mexico.

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