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The framework, education and technology services of Australia’s 135 Tennis Analytics will be implemented throughout Canada in 2023 in an agreement that will profile Tennis Canada’s top junior players commencing in March.

“We’re really excited to get started with TC,” said Nicholas Scott, one of 135’s Directors and developer of the 135 Framework. “Having a governing body like Tennis Canada on-board, using 135 Tennis Analytics to educate coaches, players and parents is a big endorsement of what we do and how we do it. Adding 135’s software to measure and benchmark player performance is equally huge”.

Robby Menard, Analytics Consultant to Tennis Canada, and the Montreal-based coach responsible for the analytics of many of Canada’s top pros, said “apart from the framework and technology, the main thing that attracted us to 135 is that it’s not a ‘set-and-forget’ tech product. The ability to educate and customise to the needs of all our stakeholders – players, parents and coaches - is incredibly important because we can measure player performance over longer periods of time.”

135 has been providing its education and technology through partner schools and academies in Australia like Voyager Tennis Academy and Max Tennis in Sydney, and Millennium Tennis Academy in Melbourne and Perth’s Sharper Tennis. 135 has also been heavily involved with Thanasi Kokkinakis’s team and his coach, Todd Langman.

“135 has changed the way we coach our players” said Luke Bourgeois, Director of High Performance at Voyager’s full-time academy. “It’s added another dimension to how our players understand the game and measure their match-play performance. The arrangement that 135 now has with Tennis Canada will allow us to benchmark our academy players with juniors around the world”.

135 is likely to add to its international partnerships in coming months. “We are currently in negotiations with other national federations and NCAA colleges in the US.”

We suggest watching this space.

135’s Nick Scott and Tennis Canada’s Robby Menard will be our guests on The First Serve next Monday, 27th February from 8pm AEDT on the SEN Radio Network across Australia and New Zealand


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