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Since opening the first Padel Tennis Courts in Melbourne in January of this year, the team at One Padel have witnessed first hand the world wide padel phenomena.

Consistent growth, month on month of recurring players from what was a social hit to now a competitive weekly game between friends. There is a constant ask and growing thirst from players to build regular competitions and tournaments at the site. It is also not uncommon for the venue to be booked out weeks in advance.

"We are excited to have the final leg of the 2022 Australian Padel Tour in Melbourne on the 8th and 9th of October for the Melbourne Classic, where we will see interstate players and local Melbourne players come together to not only battle it out for prize money and trophies, but receive national ranking points." said One Padel CEO Matt Levy

This tournament will host some of Australia’s best players with One Padel wanting to develop it into a premier padel tournament and a lead in to professional and international tournaments in the near future.

“We have seen social players now become some serious players coming to the courts often multiple times a week with all of our courts regularly fully booked out”

“We even see some players three times a week. They are addicted”

“We highly encourage spectators, family and friends coming down to the courts on the 8th and 9th October to see what the hype is about and watch what will be a super competitive and exciting event”

For the spectators, it will be an exciting vibe with music, food and drinks available and plenty to keep everyone entertained between matches.

The Padel Courts at Docklands hosts a unique city backdrop and with the covered courts, the weather won’t deter anyone from having a great time watching what will be a unique and fun event.

“It’s a great location, offering outstanding views of the city, and often we see the local Docklands community popping in to see the Courts, who end up playing regularly”

“We see this as this as the beginning of a huge series of events to come, especially with summer coming soon, especially hosting more local competitions, and corporate days to social events”

To Register CLICK HERE

On the 8th and 9th of October the Australian Padel tour comes to Melbourne.

In conjunction with Tennis Australia, Development Victoria and Auspadel, the Melbourne Classic Australian ranking points tournament is being hosted by One Padel at 206 Lorimer st Docklands.

Come and see some of Australia’s best padel players and get a glimpse of the sport that is taking the tennis world by storm.

For bookings, information and tournament registrations visit or follow us on instagram at onepadel_australia


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